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Worldwide, more than 480 million people have Spanish as their mother language. In addition, 75 million people speak Spanish as a second language. In total, therefore, about 555 million – more than half a billion – people speak Spanish as a first or second language. This means that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin.

Guatemala is one of the best countries to learn Spanish. The Guatemalans don’t have an accent, they don’t use a lot of slang or weird words that you don’t hear anywhere else.

San Pedro La Laguna is a Guatemalan town on the southwest shore of Lake Atitlan. For centuries, San Pedro La Laguna has been inhabited by the Tz’utujil people, and in recent years it has also become a tourist destination for its Spanish language schools, nightlife, and proximity to the lake and volcanoes. Our classrooms are open air and have views over the lake.

The focus of our classes is to communicate with local people while you’re travelling.

You will learn Spanish in an easy way while playing, working with our learning material and practicing with your instructor.

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New and innovative methodologies

We have created tests to identify your Spanish level, with that information we start to teach you. We adjust our classes to satisfy your urgent needs. We apply different methodologies for each student because we know that each one has a different style of learning.

We take advantage technology by applying different ways to create educational teachingtools, for example flashcards, podcasts, funny games, videos, songs, and more.


We have workbooks that fit your level.

A1 + A2: beginner

B1 + B2: intermediate

C1 + C2: advance

Expert teachers Spanish Semilla san pedro la laguna

Online courses

Of course we also offer online classes. Check here our prices.

Experienced Teachers

We are a young and energetic team of all certified teachers. We guarantee you a unique and unforgettable experience while studying with us!
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For our students we provide different activities. We offer movie nights, documentaries, social outings, cultural speeches, political speeches, history of our towns, ancestral practices (Mayan ceremonies) writing, drawing and meaning of your Mayan symbol in the Mayan language, hikes, cooking lessons, playing sports, salsa lessons, visiting organizations that work with organic produce, coffee tour, honey tour and chocolate factory tour. No doubt you must try these activities once you are here.


Besides learning Spanish we also offer you the possibility to help as a volunteer

different programs in San Pedro La Laguna and also in other towns around the Lake Atitlan.

Besides being a Spanish School, we belong to a network of community organizations which help to improve the development of our town as well as all of our communities. We are also, focused on preserving our bio-systems and ecosystem. Especially because these are a cultural legacy which come from our grandparents. Joining our projects can help you to learn and keep improve your Spanish while you are surrounded by one of the most beautiful lakes of the world!

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