Help Children Guatemala

Mayan calendar was Ajpu 11, Scientific Calendar was Thursday, January 4th, 2018, San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala, around Lake Atitlán. 4 fellows gathered to have a coffee and chatty chat about how to help the community.

Their brainstorming ideas was:

  1. Taking food supplies to families in need and lack of resources.
  2. Offering free computing, English, mathematics, agriculture, mayan written language lessons to kids in the community, since every friend has specialized in the mentioned fields.

The second idea of the list of brainstorms was approved. But the, they wondered: we are going to need a bit of money for teaching material.

  • How are we going to make to get that money?
  • Can we ask for help to the Mayor of the town?
  • Can we talk to the principals of the public schools?

During that time: the 4 folks were working as Spanish Teacher and this brought to the table.

Let’s share the ideas to our former students maybe they want to help us. That is a bit part of the beginning of Semilla Spanish School…

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