Our Project

Semilla Spanish School is not only a language school that works with those who want to learn Spanish, but it is a family for everyone involved and who have been studying together since 2017. Over the years, our teaching methods have been updated to make the process of learning Spanish simple. Also, it has developed better ways of applying local projects and seeking help throughout people we have met for the long run.

A portion of our profits, go towards helping those in our community who live in extremely challenging situations and our children (boys and girls) who need our support to achieve a decent education. As a school, we support some of our local primary school children by tutoring them privately after school in various subjects or areas where they need a support. What makes us different from other schools is our network of nonprofit organizations (NGO) around the Lake Atitlan. This network strives every day against global warming and pollution of our lake Atitlan throughout the organic system productions, which helps to improve the economy of the community and generate new opportunities to the families.

We really want to keep building positive changes for our communities, that is why your support is so important for us. Be part of Semilla Spanish School by studying with us or donating through our website. Any donation or help will give us a positive boost to our people and everybody will be grateful to you.